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Mark W.

Mark “The Meticulously MultiTalented” Whitlock III. is the owner and Lead Audio Engineer of Incubation Box Studios (IBS). Mark W. started working in the entertainment industry at the age of 17 as a Hip Hop Artist. He developed his passion for Audio Engineering after working on his own music. In 2007 he established his own recording studio (IBS) and began working on projects for other hip hop artists.  In 2017 Mark graduated from AI (Art Institute) Los Angeles with a degree in Audio Engineering and started working as the Music Engineer for PIA (Private Island Audio) Recording Studio while also operating his own studio. As an engineer, Mark brings forth his knowledge and experience to deliver superior quality and sound. As an artist himself, Mark W. has a perspective that is unlike many engineers out there due to his experience in front of and behind the mic.


Songwriting and composition, Recording, Mixing, and Mastering Engineer, Pro Tools, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere

Personal Style & Philosophy:

Laid Back; Meticulously MultiTalented

"You might not have a lot of money but your fans won't be able to tell from the quality."

Client Lists Includes:

Realm Reality (Rick Gonzalez), Cory Nash, Marc Payne, Mic Pye, Gee Q., Skrillaphornia, D. Jamaal, Blac House Music, Justin “JC” Clardy, Lisah Monah, Chylite, Supa Good D Smoke, Romero Mosely, Keng Zae, Prince of the Ghetto, Zoe Thr3d, J Ghost The Conscious Hippy, Be Wise, Stewp Kidd, Nieto MCH, aOneHunnit, Capito, Rahkua/RedSky, Emcee Classiq

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